Nov 22, 2020

【COVEROSS®︎MASK フィンランドデザイン受注開始】


Coveross® facemask combine Japanese technology with Finnish design – that’s why it’s one of the most high-quality masks available. The masks are treated with anti-viral and anti-bacterial technology, and they are self-cleaning. Coveross facemasks are reusable and are designed for daily use.

Statistically, we touch our faces every four minutes, with masks even more often. Coveross facemasks prevent the viruses’ touch-based spreading since the masks photo-catalyst, and silver-catalyst technology cleans the mask surface within a couple of seconds. Photo-catalyst and silver-catalyst activate the self-cleaning even in the dark.

Coveross facemasks are environmentally friendly, as they are reusable and are exceptionally comfortable to use – they prevent moisture formation and make breathing easier. The facemask are treated with innovative Coveross technology that’s been on Japanese markets since 2016.

Hand washing or short boiling is recommended for Coveross® masks. Laundry wash inside a net max. 60 degrees.

Coveross® masks are not medical masks.