Apr 28, 2020

【抗ウィルスマスク “Anti-Virus Mask”】


BLUEY has started production of COVEROSS® WIZZARD fabric masks. When we inspected the fabric made for high-performance T-shirts, we have “upcycled” the fabric that could not be used due to scratches or stains to the front fabric of the mask!


At our company, we are currently using ” ITD(Institute of Tropical Disease )” to verify that the coronavirus, influenza A virus, and avian flu virus attached to fabrics are instantly inactivated.
  In addition, the passing value has been obtained in antivirus, antibacterial, deodorant test, etc. at a domestic third party organization (KAKEN). Since June, we have also started joint research on antivirus products with the largest research institute in Europe using IBM’s Watson.


We started accepting orders on the “BLUEY” EC site (^^)